Sachiiro no One Room English Subtitles

Drama Information


Title: 幸色のワンルーム (Japanese); Sachiiro no One Room

Director: Honda Ryuichi

Writer: Hakuri (webtoon), Hokimoto Shinya

Release Date: July 7, 2018 — (TV Asahi) / July 8, 2018 — (ABC)

Runtime: Saturdays 26:30 (TV Asahi) / Sundays 23:35 (ABC)

Total episodes: 10


A girl (Anna Yamada) is just 14-years-old, but she endures a difficult life. Her parents abuse her at home and she is bullied by students at her school. She doesn’t have a place where she can feel comfortable. One day, the girl is kidnapped by a man (Shuhei Uesugi) wearing a mask. The kidnapper names the girl Sachi, while wishing her to be happy. For the first time, Sachi can feel happiness.


Yamada Anna – Sachi
Uesugi Shuhei – Onii-san/kidnapper
Tozuka Junki – Katagiri Shin (Sensei)
Kinoshita Houka – Takeshita Ryu (detective)
Watanabe Mai – Tanimoto Kanami (detective)
Sasaki Maika (=LOVE) – Takuda (Sachi’s classmate)
Saito Nagisa (=LOVE) – Miyajima (Sachi’s classmate)
Hinagata Akiko – Sachi’s mother
Shimizu Shin – Sachi’s father
Aoi Nono –  Maki



Translation Notes:

Episode 06

  • Marionette:  an articulated puppet or doll whose jointed limbs are moved by strings.


RAW: (EP 01-10)

Episode 04 raw (ABC)

Episode 05 raw (ABC)

Episode 06 RAW (ABC)

Episode 07 RAW (ABC)


English Subtitles:

Episode 01: Softsub | Hardsub

Episode 02: Softsub | Hardsub

Episode 03: Softsub | Hardsub

Episode 04: Softsub | Hardsub

Episode 05: Softsub | Hardsub

Episode 06: Softsub | Hardsub

Episode 07: Softsub | Hardsub



Kakugo wa Iika Soko no Joshi (Are You Ready? Hey You Girl!) Drama Special English Subtitles [Dropped]

Drama Information 


Title: 覚悟はいいかそこの女子 (Japanese); Kakugo wa Iika Soko no Joshi; Are You Ready? Hey You Girl! (Official English Title).

Director: Noboru Iguchi

Writer: Shiiba Nana (manga), Lee Jung-hee

Release date: June 24, 2018 — (MBS) / June 26, 2018 — (TBS)

Runtime: Sundays 26:10 (MBS) / Tuesdays 25:35 (TBS)

Total episodes: 5


Story set before movie “Are You Ready? Hey You Girl!“.

Furuya Towa (Nakagawa Taishi) is a handsome high school student, but he has never had girlfriend. Furuya Towa and his friends get involved in various love cases taking place at his school.


Nakagawa Taishi – Furuya Towa

Ito Kentaro – Niimi Ritsu

Kai Shouma – Sawada Ichiya

Wakabayashi Jiei – Kuze Ryusei

Tsunematsu Yuri – Asakura Kosame

Sugino Yosuke – Naito Touma

Koike Teppei – Masaki Takatsugu

(info taken from Asianwiki website)




English Subtitles

* Disclaimer: I’m still learning Japanese and is far from fluent so there might be some inaccuracies in my translation. If you found an error, grammar mistakes, typos or any mistranslations, please let me know in the comment, or use the contact form so that I can fix it asap. Thank you 🙂 Enjoy the drama~

Subs are timed to 480p x265 AOZ raws

Episode 01: Softsub (Beta)

Update: I dropped this project because someone else is subbing it too. Episode 2 and onwards can be downloaded on blitzfansub’s website here



// Translation Notes for Episode 01

Nikujaga korokkepan: Nikujaga means beef and stew, korokke = croquette (food made from mashed potato with carrot, onion and mince, coated with bread crumbs and then deep-fried) and pan is bread. The bread looks like this:


Gattsuri-kei: Gattsuri means “hearty” in Japanese and kei is style, so gattsuri-kei = hearty-style. I don’t know what kind of dish is this because they just said “gattsuri-kei“. Could be gattsuri-kei ramen, udon, or steak… idk.


When the girls asked Towa what is kinniku (muscle) in English, Towa said “gold meat” because he thought the word was kin and nikuKin = gold and niku = meat.

Uraga’s Fantasista

Uraga, Kanagawa is a subdivision of the city of Yokosuka, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan. It is located on the south eastern side of the Miura Peninsula, at the northern end of the Uraga Channel, at the entrance of Tokyo Bay.

Fantasista (Italian: il fantasista) is one of football terms. It is mainly used in Italy and elsewhere. It is a word that is regarded as a compliment to a soccer player who is a forward (striker).

The song that started playing in the background when Touma was staring outside the window is Yakusoku by Cidergirl (click on this to listen on Youtube)

At around 13:05 mark, Ichiya said “yoyoshiki” (it doesn’t have any meaning lol) instead of “yuyushiki” = critical. I put “cuticle” in place of “yoyoshiki” because it kinda sounds like “critical”.

Ending song is Hibiscus by Naoto from Sandaime J Soul Brothers.